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The first edition of this event took place in September 1960 under the name “Rallye du Vin”. It was an animation of the 1st Comptoir de Martigny which has since become the Foire du Valais. As quickly as the Octodurian event, the Rallye du Vin is rapidly growing while remaining faithful to its name and its philosophy: the discovery of the different regions of the canton of Valais, its vineyards and its wines.

From 1976, the touristic aspect of this event gave way to purely sporting automobile competition and quickly gained access to international championships, including the famous European Rally Championship, which has stopped every autumn in Valais since 1979. With this additional visibility, the Rallye du Vin attracts many renowned international drivers such as Jimmy McRae, Per Eklund and Jean Ragnotti. The first foreign victory goes to the Swedish Eklund, it was in 1980. The following year, Jimmy McRae, father of a certain Colin, won brilliantly on the roads of Valais at the wheel of an Opel Ascona 400 .

A little history...

Subsequently, many prestigious drivers have hung their names on the Rallye International du Valais prize list such as Harald Demuth (DEU), Robert Droogmans (BEL), Patrick Snijers (BEL) in the 80s or more recently Lucas Rossetti (ITA), Freddy Loix (BEL), Nicolas Vouilloz (FRA), Giandomenico Basso (ITA) or even Esapekka Lappi (FIN), who then enjoyed the glory days of the World Rally Championship. The Rallye International du Valais is still today one of the most prestigious rounds on the calendar where the reputation of the courses is well established.


In 2022, a new 100% volunteer committee took over the organization of the event with the aim of restoring the rally to its former glory. The Rallye International du Valais remains a myth with its passages that have made its history. Let's keep this myth alive every autumn in Valais!


Discover the myth 

The committee

Jean-Albert Ferrez

President of the Rallye International du Valais Association

Lionel Muller

Vice-president of the Rallye International du Valais Association

Morgane Apothéloz

Volunteers & Accommodation Manager

Patrick Borruat

Race director

Lise Gaudin

Communication & Media Manager

Yannick Micheloud

Finance manager

Manu Portela

Partnerships Manager

Yves Zappellaz

Safety Manager

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