Rally cars and environmental protection

Highly conscious of the environmental issues, the organiser of the Rallye International du Valais took a particular interest in the conclusions of a report issued by the Swiss body Swiss Climate after the running of a round that also counts towards the Swiss Rally Championship. 

The results of the CO2 balance show that one third of the emissions are generated by the mobility of the public and a second third by everything related to the accommodation and the catering. The rest of the emissions are mainly imputable to the equipment transport duties and to the waste. The carbon dioxide emitted by the rally cars represents only three per cent of the total emissions generated by the event

According to the organising comity of the event, the result of this study is that “[…] the impact is no more important than for any other event of similar scale […]”. 

Furthermore, a story published in the French daily newspaper Le Figaro states that a single day of the World Football Cup entails 1.4 times more emissions than the entire Dakar Rally, that the Olympic Torch Relay is more polluting than a Formula 1 GP and that the emissions of the F1 Belgian GP are lower than those produced by a passenger plane at take-off. The figures for the Dakar are of the order of 42.000 tons of CO2, those announced for the next World football Cup of 2.700.000 tons. (Complete article - in French -