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Press Office Director: André MARZOLI

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Casernes, Rue des Casernes, 1950 Sion

Press Office hours
18.10.2018: from 10:00 to 18:30 (accreditations)
19.10.2018: from 07:30 to 21:30
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Accreditation request form

Safety in automobile sports discipines is paramount and remains one of the FIA’s most important priorities. We must follow strict accreditation criteria especially as regards the allocation of press bibs which give access to areas reserved for professional photographers.
A video on media safety (see below) has been produced with the assistance of Rally World Championship drivers.

Please watch the video and carefully read the information below which is in addition to the conditions mentioned on the accreditation form and an integral part of it.


Media representatives are important for the race’s global promotion, its partners and sponsors. They are however required to adhere to security requirements. Only professional media and representatives able to provide signed and printed documentation during the accreditation process may be accredited.


Publication editors, agencies and websites are required to adhere to the following principles so that the media accreditation is reserved for professional journalists and photographers.

The "Media" pass is a working tool only to be used by bona fide press members.  Editors, marketing staff, editorial secretaries, the publication’s administrative staff, etc. cannot be accredited as media.

Public relations, advertising agencies or companies and similar organisations will under no circumstances be accredited as media.  Furthermore, organisers cannot issue accreditations to representatives (press officers and others) sponsors, suppliers, motorists, teams, drivers, etc.



The accreditation is only valid for professional online editorial content. It must not be used for any other purpose, including but not limited to public relations or promotional, commercial or entertainment usage.  

A maximum of one journalist (not photographer) per website and race may be accredited.  

The applicant must provide satisfactory proof of the online publication of reports of each race, together with publication dates which must be duly signed.



Media representatives provided with a bib must wear it at all times when they are in their reserved areas (photos area). Bibs are numbered and allocated by name and are not transferable. Anybody caught loaning or giving a bib or a media pass to a third party will immediately have their accreditation cancelled. The bibs must be worn correctly at all times and the numbers must be clearly visible and immediately identify you as a professional photographer and will give you access to the photos area.



Safety information for race media stipulates the areas where TV crews and photographers are permitted to be positioned and take photos. These areas are representative of the nature and unique character of the race and have been chosen as being suitable for media with bibs and for their easy access.  Work out carefully how long your journey will take you bearing in mind roadworks, traffic and spectators.

The safety information for media contains specific safety information in particular the journeys permitted at Specials. Please read carefully and adhere to the safety regulations.  The Race Director and Race Media Director will be notified of any breaches of the regulations and the accreditation may be cancelled if deemed necessary.   

Be careful of the gap between the rally cars and remember that the helicopter noise may  drown the noise of approaching cars. Media with bibs must never be positioned below road level. Please respect the work of all media with bibs happening around you and spectators who have waited patiently standing for many hours to get a good view.



A number of areas throughout the circuit have been designated prohibited areas and are signposted as such. It is prohibited to be positioned in these areas and whoever breaches this regulation will be escorted away and his/her accreditation cancelled.   



It is strictly forbidden to place any kind of photo/video equipment in the way or potential way of a race car. Furthermore, the use of any aerial devices such as drones, is forbidden.



It is strongly advised to wear suitable clothing and footwear to work at the Specials and in the service park. Earpieces and ear plugs are discouraged as you need to remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Media with bibs should always be prepared to move quickly if necessary. It is dangerous to take photos lying down or standing on unstable ground.



Instructions given by track marshals, officials and safety staff must be adhered to at all times as it is their job is to guarantee your safety. The media accreditation does not exempt you from following these instructions and your bib will not protect you! In the event of any problems, please contact the Race Media Director.

The safety of accredited media representative is paramount and if the organiser appreciates the value of your contribution to its race, it will not compromise in this respect. Therefore, be aware that the organiser has the right to withdraw, suspend, revoke and take back your accredition if it believes that the agreement terms of your accreditation have been breached.


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