The Media office in brief
Chief Press Officer: André MARZOLI

Location of the Media Centre

Martigny, CERM

Media Centre opening times
26.10.2017: from 10:00am to 06:30pm (accreditation)
27.10.2017: from 08:00am to 09:30pm
28.10.2017: from 08:00am to 08:00pm

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Media accreditation form

Safety in motor sport disciplines being one of the FIA’s highest priorities, we must comply with strict criteria of accreditation, in particular with regards to the allocation of tabards giving access to the areas reserved for the professional photographers/TV crews. A video about the safety for media has been released. It is supported by strong messages from the drivers of the FIA World Rally Championship. Please watch the video and read carefully the information below, which complement the conditions mentioned on the accreditation form and are an integral part of them.

Media representatives are important to the overall promotion of the event, its partners and sponsors. However, they are not exempt from safety requirements. Only professional media and representatives who can present credited and published work during the accreditation process can apply.

Editors of publications, agencies and websites are asked to conform to the following principles to ensure that media accreditation is restricted to professional journalists and photographers.

The "Media" pass is a working tool to be used only by bona fide members of the press. Publishers, marketing personnel, sub-editors, staff of the publication's secretariat, etc. cannot be accredited as Media. For applicants who cannot provide a valid MEDIA ID/PRESS CARD issued by public authorities such as a state, a recognized professional association, the FIA or an ASN it is compulsory to bring a letter on publication’s headed paper signed by the director/chief editor, as well as a copy of a valid third-party insurance contract covering his/her activities during the event. This document must be in English of French (Italian and Spanish will also be accepted).

Under no circumstances will advertising, public relations agencies or similar companies and organisations be accredited as media; likewise, the Organisers will not issue any accreditation to representatives (press officers or otherwise) of sponsors, suppliers, engine suppliers, teams, drivers, etc.

Internet accreditation is intended for professional stand-alone internet editorial/news coverage only. It is not to be used for any other purpose, including but not limited to public relations, promotional, commercial or entertainment use. A maximum of one representative journalist (not photographer) per website per event may be accredited. The applicant must submit satisfactory evidence of publication on the website of news coverage of each event, also with the dates of publication, correctly by-lined.

Media issued with a tabard must wear these at all times while in dedicated tabard media areas (photo zones). Tabards are numbered and assigned on a personal basis; they are not transferable. Anyone found transferring a tabard, or media pass, will have their accreditation revoked immediately. Tabards must be worn correctly at all times and numbers must be clearly visible; this will immediately identify you as a professional photographer and ease your passage to photo zones.

The event Media Safety Information details areas where television personnel and photographers are permitted to stand and take pictures. These areas typify the nature and unique flavour of the event and have been selected as suitable areas for tabard media to work, as well as for their ease of access. Calculate your travel time well, factoring in the potential of road works, traffic and spectators.

Specific safety information, including authorised movement within special stages, is contained within the Media Safety Information. It should be read carefully and all safety instructions adhered to. Any breaches of safety will be reported to the Clerk of the Course and the Event Media Officer and accreditation could be revoked, if deemed appropriate. Be aware of the interval between rally cars, and also that noise from helicopters can make it difficult to hear approaching cars. Tabard media should never stand lower than the level of the road and please respect the needs of all tabard media working around you, as well as spectators who will have been standing for many hours to have a good viewing point.

A number of areas along the route have been designated as no-go areas and marked as such. No one is permitted to stand in these areas and anyone found doing so will be removed and will have their accreditation revoked.

It is expressly forbidden to place any form of camera equipment on the ground in the path or potential path of a competition car. Similarly, the use of any airborne devices, such as drones, is prohibited.

Sensible clothing and footwear is strongly recommended when working on special stages and in the service park. Earplugs and earphones should not be worn; at all times you must be fully aware of your surroundings. Tabard media should always be in a position to move quickly, if necessary; lying down or standing on unstable ground to take pictures is unsafe.

Instructions from marshals, officials and security personnel must be obeyed at all times; they are there for your safety. Media accreditation does not exempt you from these instructions and your tabard will not protect you! In case of problems, please contact the Event Media Officer. The safety of accredited media representatives is of paramount importance and, while the organiser recognises the value of your contribution to its event, it will not compromise in this regard. Therefore, please be aware that the organiser has the right to withdraw, suspend, revoke or retake possession of accreditation if it feels that any terms of your accreditation agreement have been breached.



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