26-28 octobre 2017

The new company Global Events LLC takes over the Organization of the Rallye International du Valais

November 6, 2016 - Richard Chassot, organizer of the cycling race Tour de Romandie, took over the organization of the Rallye International du Valais. The new company, Global Events LLC will take control of this prestigious event of Swiss Motorsport. To this effect, an agreement has been made with the Association Valaisanne de Soutien aux Rallyes and Christian Dubuis, the current organizer, who will be at the disposal of the new organization to allow the best transition possible, ensuring the transmission of the different know-how specific to such an appointment. In the same perspective of continuity, Global Events LLC has opened an office in Valais to ensure a close relationship with the event.

The 57th running of the Rallye International du Valais saw two-time Swiss champion Sébastien Carron's victory on October 23, 2016.

The next edition of the Rallye International du Valais will take place from 26 to 28 October 2017.

Live from SS 13 and 14

N° 62 Willy SANTSCHI/Alain PIQUEREZ (Citroën Saxo) retirement before SS 13 - mechanical

N° 6 Olivier BURRI/Stéphane REY (Hyundai New Generation i20) retirement ES 14 - off road, crew okay

N° 39 Patrick BAGNOUD/Nadia GIANNUZZO (Citroën C2 R2) off road ES 14 - the drivers complains about neck pain and has been taken care of by the medical staff of the rally. He has been transported by helicopter to Sion's hospiital for further checks

N° 38 Olovier RAMEL/Jacques-Victor BODENMANN (Renault Clio) retirement SS 14 - ngine

Live from SS 10 and 11

N° 52 Monique EHRENSPERGER/Géraldine ROSSIER (Mitsubishi Lancer) retirement exit of the service park before SS 10 - electronics

N° 34 Victor DARBELLAY/Charlène BORI (Honda Civic) retirement on the road section before SS 10 - mechanical

N° 35 Xavier CRAVIOLINI/Yannick MICHELOUD (Honda Civic) retirement SS 10 - off the road/crew okay

N° 64 Christian HICKETHIER/Joannes FRIES (Ford Fiesta) retirement at the end of SS 10 - mechanical

N° 78 Alphonse KILCHENMANN/Jacqueline KILCHENMANN (Opel Corsa) retirement SS 10 - transmission

N° 9 - Fabio ANDOLFI/Manuel FENOLI (Hyundai New Generation i20) went off the road in SS 11 - crew okay


Following the accident of crew Andolfi/Fenoli, SS 11 has been neutralized for 51 minutes to clear the road. The stage has resumed at 12:15.

N° 12 Joël RAPPAZ/Mélinda BEURET (Peugeot 207 S2000) retirement ES 11 - fire

N° 28 Jonathan SCHEIDEGGER/Luc SANTONOCITO (Citroën DS3 R3T) - off road crew okay ES 11

N° 25 Karl-Friedrich BECK/Giorgio STIERLE (Citroën DS3 R3T) - off road crew okay ES 11



Sébastien Carron leads the way in the 57th Rallye International du Valais

Sébastien Carron is still hungry: after five victories out of five rallies this season, and a Swiss title clinched with one round to go, he wants to win Rallye International du Valais too and has been fastest from the beginning of the rally with his Ford Fiesta R5, ahead of Fabio Andolfi for his second outing in the Hyundai New Generation i20 R5, while Jan Černý (Škoda Fabia R5) is third.

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Philippe Rauch

Clerk of the Course of the Rallye International du Valais for 24 years, Philippe Rauch has been unable to perform his duties for the 57th running of the event this year for health reasons. The efficiency of all the members of the staff he has set up himself has allowed the rally to run smoothly. The entire organising team wishes Philippe a speedy recovery.

Live from SS 1 to 8

N° 23 Patrick MULLER/David RAPPAZ (Subaru Impreza) retirement SS 1 - mechanical

N° 49 Yoan LOEFFLER/Sarah LATTION (Citroën DS3) retirement SS 1 - transmission N° 52 Monique EHRENSPERGER/Géraldine ROSSIER (Mitsubishi Lancer) retirement exit parc fermé - mechanical

N° 54 Yannick ZWAHLEN/Mandy ZWAHLEN (Renault Clio) retirement SS 1 - brakes

N° 17 Laurent VUKASOVIC/Steve GROUX (Ford Fiesta) retirement SS 2 N° 53 Anthony HUGUELET/Antoine RUFFIEUX (Subaru Impreza) retirement SS 3 - mechanical

N° 72 Patrick AUBORT/Bruno DOS SANTOS (Renault Clio) retirement SS 3 - mechanical

N° 74 Luc PANNATIER/Pierre-ANdré TERRETTAZ (Renault Twingo) retirement SS 3 - off road - crew okay

N° 51 Didier TORRENT/Dominique ROBYR (Renault Clio) retirement SS 4 - mechanical

N° 4 Urs HUNSIKER/William WINIGER (Mini John Cooper Works WRC) retirement before SS 4 - mechanical

N° 73 Antoine MAIRE/Aurore DURUSSEL (Renault Twingo) retirement SS 4 - mechanical

N° 35 Xavier CRAVIOLINI/Yannick MICHELOUD (Honda CIvic) retirement SS 5 - mechanical

N° 55 Steve BALET/Gilbert BALET (Peugeot 106) retirement SS 5 - transmission

N° 66 José MATOS/Nelson SILVA (Citroën C2) retirement SS 5 - toook a wheel off

N° 69 Michele MILANI/Paolo MILANO (Renault Clio) retirement SS 5

N° 45 Michel SCHNEGG/Lisiane ZBINDEN (Citroën C2) retirement before SS 7 - mechanical

N° 70 Yann VANNIER/Pascal SCHMID (Renault Clio) retirement SS 8 - mechanical


77 entrants

The entry list of the Rallye International du Valais features 77 crews who will pit against each other on the roads of Valais between Sion and Martigny from 21 to 22 October. The first to start with his Ford Fiesta R5 will be Sébastien Carron, recently crowned Swiss Rally Champion. Nine other R5 class cars representing four different manufacturers will be at the start.

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